The methodology of Circular Public Procurement was finalized in Bratislava

Project partners from Czechia (BIC Brno/INCIEN), Spain (BIOAZUL) and Slovakia (INCIEN SK) met again in November in Bratislava. We are busy finalizing the methodology of circular public procurement and circular purchase so we can present it in four languages as soon as possible. Its official launch is planned for the beginning of 2022. We consider this topic as key to promoting the concept of circular economy in practice.

At the same time, we discuss how to best implement our knowledge and experience while “training the trainers” as another methodology is being complemented within our project. This will be our main focus of the next project phase and we plan to discuss it again all together in April in Prague to present it in June next week. In the fall 2022, there will be these training sessions for all those interested in lecturing the topic of public procurement.

The project is realised within the Erasmus+ programme.

25.11.2021 Bratislava, Slovakia